My name is Jo Elliott, I am a 26 year old female from Gloucestershire UK.  Like most, I have a few passions in life. Firstly I love to write. Secondly I love to help people; whether this be by helping somebody to their vehicle with shopping bags, making them feel happier and more confident within themselves, motivating them, making them believe they can or any other way of making other people happy. Thirdly I absolutely adore horses; I own one of my horses and loan the other (for those unfamiliar with the term loaning it is almost like borrowing – I treat the horse like my own but never purchased him from his owner and even though he stays in my care he will always belong to them).

So this brings me to why I’ve decided to create this blog and split it into two sites.  Firstly I have my ‘Mindset Motivation’ blog which I hope can motivate and inspire those of you that take the time to read it. Secondly I have my ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Dressage Rider’ which is about my journey with my horses. I have had several setbacks over the last few years and my confidence has hit rock bottom. I am using this blog to document my journey to try and recover my confidence again. I will blog about training, competing, the horses home life and events that I attend. I promise to be open and honest about the problems I am encountering with my confidence and what I am doing to try and deal with the issues and move forward.  

I hope you like the content within my blogs and I hope that by writing down how I feel and blogging my journey through my own self- development and growth that I can inspire and motivate others that can relate to these problems. 

Please follow, like and comment and I will always check out your blogs in exchange.

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