I’m back!! 

Thursday 17th August 

On Monday I went to see a sports massage therapist to have my back sorted, a 2 hour appointment, several screams and almost in tears later and I can finally say my back pain has gone! 🙌 

Frankie Update

Saturday was a Pessoa day for Frankie as my back pain changed any other plans I had. The Pessoa is such a valued tool within our training, I used to use it very regularly but now I’m more comfortable riding I usually opt for this option instead. Albeit 20 minutes on the Pessoa did Frankie the world of good. 

Today I took Frankie to arena hire and she was an absolute star, she tried hard, she felt good, she stayed between hand and leg, she was fully rideable (sometimes she hollows against me!), she accepted both the leg and the contact. 

Today she also managed her first actual leg yield! – a proper one! From the 3/4 line to the track! She kept her balance and moved laterally with the correct bend and shoulder leading! I could of cried!! A month ago she was like riding an ironing board!! 

Only worked the walk, trot and leg yield today I felt over the moon with how she was going and she worked hard at what we had done so we left it there after 35 minutes, we’ll work on the canter at another date 😀 Afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 😉

We have a lesson with Olivia on Sunday, so will check back in then. 

Danny Update

Danny is just light hacking at the moment just ticking over until he has a full set of shoes put on this Tuesday (22nd). 

We had a little accident out hacking on Sunday and it’s knocked his confidence a little but we are working through it! 

We were hacking around the local villages with a friend from a neighbouring yard, a very steady on the buckle back. Danny is fairly ‘bombproof’ – not much phases him. We were an hour into our hack and he was so shut off happily in his own little bubble, I had him on the buckle, enjoying my surroundings and talking to my friend when some dogs ran and jumped on the garden fence on his left side. I think he wanted to just jump right but at a massive 17hh+ I always joke that his feet are so far from his brain that they don’t always receive the information on time – this was one of these incidents! He jumped right but completely fell over left. We had a massive scrabble on the floor and my left leg was underneath him. He did everything in his power not to crush me and even though my leg was on the floor I didn’t come off. He scrambled his way back upright with me aboard. He was completely shell shocked, as was I. I looked back at our struggle on the road to see blood – I have never flown off a horse so quickly in all my life 😭 thank fully he just had a lot of small grazes all over his legs and stomachs and no big cuts or ‘worrying’ cuts.

I had a long 5-6 mile walk back home, I took him home, bathed his grazes, put cream on them and he spent the afternoon tucked up in the stable with a magnetic rug just to make sure he wasn’t feeling stiff or sore. Later that evening I turned him back out. Thankfully he is completely sound and as I speak now the grazes have all scabbed over and healing nicely. 

It was one terrifying ordeal for us both! I thank him no end for looking after me as he could of quite easily crushed me underneath him. He is truly worth his weight in gold ❤️ 

We have hacked most days this week and his confidence is returning, I will carry on until he’s his happy self again as when he’s schooling regularly hacking is his ‘happy time’/ down time. He loves going for a quiet hack on the buckle and it keeps him fresh. 

After his shoes go on next week I will take him out for arena hire too. 

For tonight, it’s over and out for me, until next time xx


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