Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

At the moment I am suffering from the most horrible back pain 😩 I am looking after some horses for some friends whilst they’re on holiday and the one horse has mannor issues whilst on the ground and bolted with me attached to the end of the lead rope. Me being me kept hold of him and didn’t give in to his rude behaviour, we eventually stopped when he realised I wasn’t giving in – much to the dismay of my poor back as I’ve hardly been able to walk since! 😭 

Due to my lack on mobility this weekend I’ve spent the most amazing day just loving and faffing over both the horses and spending some real quality time with them both! 

Frankie had a quick spin on the lunge in the Pessoa as we have arena hire on Thursday. 

Danny is going to go for a short little walking hack around the block tomorrow if my back can cope. 

Off to the chiropractor and massage therapist on Monday to hopefully get fixed so I have my mobility back to ride properly. 

Albeit, spending the day with the horses, no rushing, just me and them has been truly amazing. So guilty sometimes of life moving at 100mph and they just come in for a quick brush off, get ridden, washed off and turned back out. So nice for both the horses and I to have that all so important bonding time with one another. 

As the quote below says, it’s been absolutely what makes my soul happy ❤️ 


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