Post Camp Update

Saturday 5th August

So, we are a week on from camp so just thought I’d check in with a little update of the week since. 

After camp Frankie had 3 days off as she was mentally and physically very tired after camp, she also picked up a few rubs from the girth so she had a well deserved break whilst they healed over. 

On Thursday I took her to our local Equestrian Centre for arena hire, it was the first time I’ve taken her out on our own without having somebody there to ride her for me first! Lots of firsts lately – we are on a roll! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ 

We walked straight in and got on, warmed up in walk and trot very nicely and moved onto some of our simple exercises that we learnt at camp. I have learnt that if I give Frankie direction all of the time (even when we’re walking on a loose rein) she doesn’t have a temper tantrum and throw her toys out of the pram. So we carried on practising our leg yields on a circle to help supple her up and bend through her rib cages and then on to the 3/4 line to leg yield back to the track. 

To finish we did a little work on the canter as this is our weakest gait at the moment, she finds it hard to canter on the left rein as she struggles to engage her quarters because of her stifle lock. She finds the right rein hard because she struggles to bend without falling out through the left shoulder. Out of the two reins the right rein is a little better! The first canter she offered on the right rein felt very nice, she listened to the half halt and allowed me to rebalance her and managed a very lovely forward but balanced canter. The second couple on the right rein she got all excited and didn’t listen to the half half and there was no middle to cantering fast, breaking to trot, then back to cantering fast – plus side I got a reaction from my half halt just not the one I was looking for! πŸ˜‚ left rein canter I just left her alone to try and rebalance herself and just went around the outside of the arena so no tight circles but it was very sticky. 

All in all, I was incredibly proud of the both of us! She worked really well and tried really hard. 


Today – Saturday 5th August

This morning Frankie and I went for a lesson at Olivia’s yard. 

Frankie had her ‘can’t do it, won’t do it’ attitude on her today. She was resistant to go forward when I wanted her to then resistanted to come back when I wanted to and generally just did the complete opposite to me. We spent the first 20 minutes fighting with one another, squealing and leaping around. She was so tense and wouldn’t let me touch her mouth so I couldn’t find any form of contact and I couldn’t put my leg on without her exploding! I felt like I was sitting on a ticking time bomb!! 

At this point I was loosing the will to live, I was loosing my confidence and getting quite upset. 😭

Olivia drummed it into me that we were doing this and we are going to win this battle she was not going to be taught that she could get away with this behaviour. 😳 (I would of given up at this point if I was on my own – this is why training with Olivia is so important to me.)

We used the leg yields from the 3/4 line back to the track whilst asking her to go on and back in the trot. One to accept my leg and two she had to accept the contact and a half halt. 

We persevered with this for about 10 minutes and eventually she cracked! I was finally leading again! She went light in the contact, moved forwards and sideways off my leg, accepted half halts and worked the last 15 minutes very nicely. 

We didn’t manage any canter work today but we did persevere and crack the attitude problem and I finished with a smile on my face and a happy horse beneath me! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


My next lesson with Olivia isn’t until Sunday 20th August, so I will hire the arena and take Frankie on a few outings before then. 

There’s talk in the pipeline about me being able to move my two horses to the Equestrian Centre – which will be absolutely awesome as their facilities are amazing! Huge indoor arena, olympic sized outdoor, horse walker, American barn stables, hot water, wash box and solarium. Very lovely yard! They don’t ‘do’ livery but I help them out at all of their shows most weekends and whatever evenings I can get there, plus I am always there with my ponies or require their help for something! They’re like a second family! So the chance to move there will be amazing! 
Danny also has a visit from the farrier on 22nd August and he’s having a full set of shoes put on so he can start doing more work and lots more hacking for fitness purposes – he’s a little porky at the moment πŸ™Š we managed a 2 hour steady hack yesterday morning around the woods and some very beautiful countryside! 😍 

Overall, I am very pleased with both of them and how my own mindset is developing all the time. The future is finally looking promising for Frankie, Danny and myself.  πŸ™Œ 

If you’ve read this far… thank you!! 



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