First Day of Camp

So at 7am this morning I pulled into the driveway of Paunceford Court, the house where Frankie and I are staying this weekend for our riding camp. 

Our first time wasn’t until 10.15am so she had a few hours to settle into her stable, have some breakfast and meet her new stable mates for the night. Her little buddy is called Coco and is also here on camp for the weekend too all the way from Cheshire. 


I was progressively feeling more and more sick at the thought of my lesson, I was a complete bag of nerves. My amazing horse took it all in the stride and was having a snooze! At least one of us was chilled out whilst trying to tack up! 

We arrived into the indoor arena (in hand) and she become quiet tense, excitable and a bit like a fire breathing dragon! 😂 she met herself in the mirror for the first time, neighed and struck out at the wall at the ‘other’ horse starring back at her! We walked a few circles around the arena and she relaxed beautifully. I thought I would feel massively apprehensive about jumping on as she did start quite excited. However, how stupid was I to think that?! She was a complete dude!! 

Today we used a Harbridge training aid for the first time just to encourage the correct head carriage. As when you have a contact with Frankie she works really well, when you don’t have a contact Frankie feels she can do what she likes, she hollows, throws her head up and just runs! 

The Harbridge worked really well and she did everything and more than what was required of her! I am so so so pleased I can not put into words how proud I feel, for so many reasons right now! We had to take a mirror selfie as it would be rude not too 🙊

This weekend was such a MASSIVE deal for me but it is the best thing I could have done! The lesson was fab and the one to one coaching/ kick up the arse was just what I needed. I am looking forward to another lesson tomorrow morning and the future with this little horse 😍 

Will update again tomorrow as off out for our camp meal at the pub now! 😀 


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