The Day Before Camp

Friday 28th July 2017

Today is the day before camp, I have received my Camp times this week. I am on at 10.15am for my lesson and 3pm for my one to one psychology coaching on Saturday and again at 9.45am for another lesson on Sunday. So a very early morning for me tomorrow to arrive there before 8am to get Frankie settled in to her stable before our lesson. 

Due to the rain we have had all week I have struggled to exercise Frankie, so she hasn’t done anything since last Thursday when we had our last arena hire. This isn’t using the weather as an excuse, it’s because sadly I don’t have an arena at home and she is lunged in the field. As we are based on clay as soon as it rains it gets very muddy very quickly. 
Anyway, today I took her to our local Equestrian Centre again to hire the arena just to get her out and about before this weekend. Frankie wasn’t really in a helpful mood this morning, she had a can’t be bothered attitude and didn’t want to be told. She would happily walk on the contact and would happily take the contact down to stretch over her back, come to the trot and canter and she just stuck her head up and ran! Just greenness showing in the schooling issues and partly excitement for her today especially in the canter as she hasn’t done anything for a week. Albeit she was well behaved. Hopefully she will be a little more focused over the weekend. Also hope that I can learn some new and different exercises to help refocus and rebalance her so we are able to correct the greenness issues and move on. 

Here is a picture below of us today. 

I will check back in after the weekend xx


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