Thursday’s Little Outing

Thursday 20th July 2017…

On Thursday morning I boxed Frankie up and off we went to the Equestrian centre a few miles down the road. As I don’t have an arena at home Frankie has to get worked in the field – which weather and ground permitting doesn’t help with trying to make her ridden career consistent. Bearing in mind we haven’t done much at all in 2017, she has either been ridden occasionally by my wonderful friends or just ticked over on lunge using a Pessoa. 

Yesterday she came off the trailer her usual happy bubbly self, she stood like a saint to get tacked up and wandered down to the arenas in her own little world. It was her first time inside the indoor arena as usually I hire the large outdoor one. She walked quietly over the big black snake that lines the entrance door (it’s a drain – but having spent 6 years working at this equestrian centre I can assure you not many horses walk straight over this drain without some form of dance, skip or leap of faith!), she walked around the arena, past the scary stuff and not paying attention to any of the sponsorship banners around the sides.

After Frankie’s little wander to familerise her with the new surroundings she went straight to work. Some very green moments (Obviously expected) but she tried her heart out and produced some beautiful work. I literally couldn’t be any more proud. 

So, so, so pleased with her!! Feeling a lot more confident about leaving for camp next Friday evening 😀 

We have another arena hire next Friday morning and I’m going to have a little lesson (I say little as it’s going to just be a quick schooling session to make sure I’m happy for the weekend) which I’m actually really excited about…. who knew I’d actually be excitied to ride my own horse again without feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach?! 🎉🎉 must say it feels AMAZINGGGGG!!! 

Anyway, to finish here’s a video of my beautiful girl doing her thing 😍❤️ ​


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