I’m back!! 

Thursday 17th August 

On Monday I went to see a sports massage therapist to have my back sorted, a 2 hour appointment, several screams and almost in tears later and I can finally say my back pain has gone! 🙌 

Frankie Update

Saturday was a Pessoa day for Frankie as my back pain changed any other plans I had. The Pessoa is such a valued tool within our training, I used to use it very regularly but now I’m more comfortable riding I usually opt for this option instead. Albeit 20 minutes on the Pessoa did Frankie the world of good. 

Today I took Frankie to arena hire and she was an absolute star, she tried hard, she felt good, she stayed between hand and leg, she was fully rideable (sometimes she hollows against me!), she accepted both the leg and the contact. 

Today she also managed her first actual leg yield! – a proper one! From the 3/4 line to the track! She kept her balance and moved laterally with the correct bend and shoulder leading! I could of cried!! A month ago she was like riding an ironing board!! 

Only worked the walk, trot and leg yield today I felt over the moon with how she was going and she worked hard at what we had done so we left it there after 35 minutes, we’ll work on the canter at another date 😀 Afterall, Rome wasn’t built in a day! 😉

We have a lesson with Olivia on Sunday, so will check back in then. 

Danny Update

Danny is just light hacking at the moment just ticking over until he has a full set of shoes put on this Tuesday (22nd). 

We had a little accident out hacking on Sunday and it’s knocked his confidence a little but we are working through it! 

We were hacking around the local villages with a friend from a neighbouring yard, a very steady on the buckle back. Danny is fairly ‘bombproof’ – not much phases him. We were an hour into our hack and he was so shut off happily in his own little bubble, I had him on the buckle, enjoying my surroundings and talking to my friend when some dogs ran and jumped on the garden fence on his left side. I think he wanted to just jump right but at a massive 17hh+ I always joke that his feet are so far from his brain that they don’t always receive the information on time – this was one of these incidents! He jumped right but completely fell over left. We had a massive scrabble on the floor and my left leg was underneath him. He did everything in his power not to crush me and even though my leg was on the floor I didn’t come off. He scrambled his way back upright with me aboard. He was completely shell shocked, as was I. I looked back at our struggle on the road to see blood – I have never flown off a horse so quickly in all my life 😭 thank fully he just had a lot of small grazes all over his legs and stomachs and no big cuts or ‘worrying’ cuts.

I had a long 5-6 mile walk back home, I took him home, bathed his grazes, put cream on them and he spent the afternoon tucked up in the stable with a magnetic rug just to make sure he wasn’t feeling stiff or sore. Later that evening I turned him back out. Thankfully he is completely sound and as I speak now the grazes have all scabbed over and healing nicely. 

It was one terrifying ordeal for us both! I thank him no end for looking after me as he could of quite easily crushed me underneath him. He is truly worth his weight in gold ❤️ 

We have hacked most days this week and his confidence is returning, I will carry on until he’s his happy self again as when he’s schooling regularly hacking is his ‘happy time’/ down time. He loves going for a quiet hack on the buckle and it keeps him fresh. 

After his shoes go on next week I will take him out for arena hire too. 

For tonight, it’s over and out for me, until next time xx


Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

At the moment I am suffering from the most horrible back pain 😩 I am looking after some horses for some friends whilst they’re on holiday and the one horse has mannor issues whilst on the ground and bolted with me attached to the end of the lead rope. Me being me kept hold of him and didn’t give in to his rude behaviour, we eventually stopped when he realised I wasn’t giving in – much to the dismay of my poor back as I’ve hardly been able to walk since! 😭 

Due to my lack on mobility this weekend I’ve spent the most amazing day just loving and faffing over both the horses and spending some real quality time with them both! 

Frankie had a quick spin on the lunge in the Pessoa as we have arena hire on Thursday. 

Danny is going to go for a short little walking hack around the block tomorrow if my back can cope. 

Off to the chiropractor and massage therapist on Monday to hopefully get fixed so I have my mobility back to ride properly. 

Albeit, spending the day with the horses, no rushing, just me and them has been truly amazing. So guilty sometimes of life moving at 100mph and they just come in for a quick brush off, get ridden, washed off and turned back out. So nice for both the horses and I to have that all so important bonding time with one another. 

As the quote below says, it’s been absolutely what makes my soul happy ❤️ 

Worth His Weight In Gold

This morning Chloe (she’s just turned 11) asked if she could take Danny out hacking. He’s a 17hh, 9 year old that’s spent most of his life working inside of an arena! 

Chloe didn’t have her riding boots or hat with her so had to borrow my hat (we’re the same size very oddly so it does fit!) but had to substitute her boots for her wellies! 

He was a complete saint, she loved him and even had a go at leg yield and shoulder in, in walk and trot! He is worth his weight in gold – what a complete star! 😍😍 

Think it’s fair to say I’ve lost my horse 😂😂 

A little tour of the training yard. 

A few pictures of Olivia’s beautiful home and yard, which I am lucky enough to be able to train at weekly. 

It is absolutely gorgeous and maintained perfectly. It always so beautiful and tranquil and all of the horses that visit always settle there straight away. Lovely warm welcome for horses and humans on arrival! 😍

The House. 

The indoor arena from the inside and the outside. 

Part of the back garden – looking onto the arena. 

The stable block from the inside and the outside. 

How beautiful is this place 😍😍😍 

Post Camp Update

Saturday 5th August

So, we are a week on from camp so just thought I’d check in with a little update of the week since. 

After camp Frankie had 3 days off as she was mentally and physically very tired after camp, she also picked up a few rubs from the girth so she had a well deserved break whilst they healed over. 

On Thursday I took her to our local Equestrian Centre for arena hire, it was the first time I’ve taken her out on our own without having somebody there to ride her for me first! Lots of firsts lately – we are on a roll! 🎉🎉 

We walked straight in and got on, warmed up in walk and trot very nicely and moved onto some of our simple exercises that we learnt at camp. I have learnt that if I give Frankie direction all of the time (even when we’re walking on a loose rein) she doesn’t have a temper tantrum and throw her toys out of the pram. So we carried on practising our leg yields on a circle to help supple her up and bend through her rib cages and then on to the 3/4 line to leg yield back to the track. 

To finish we did a little work on the canter as this is our weakest gait at the moment, she finds it hard to canter on the left rein as she struggles to engage her quarters because of her stifle lock. She finds the right rein hard because she struggles to bend without falling out through the left shoulder. Out of the two reins the right rein is a little better! The first canter she offered on the right rein felt very nice, she listened to the half halt and allowed me to rebalance her and managed a very lovely forward but balanced canter. The second couple on the right rein she got all excited and didn’t listen to the half half and there was no middle to cantering fast, breaking to trot, then back to cantering fast – plus side I got a reaction from my half halt just not the one I was looking for! 😂 left rein canter I just left her alone to try and rebalance herself and just went around the outside of the arena so no tight circles but it was very sticky. 

All in all, I was incredibly proud of the both of us! She worked really well and tried really hard. 


Today – Saturday 5th August

This morning Frankie and I went for a lesson at Olivia’s yard. 

Frankie had her ‘can’t do it, won’t do it’ attitude on her today. She was resistant to go forward when I wanted her to then resistanted to come back when I wanted to and generally just did the complete opposite to me. We spent the first 20 minutes fighting with one another, squealing and leaping around. She was so tense and wouldn’t let me touch her mouth so I couldn’t find any form of contact and I couldn’t put my leg on without her exploding! I felt like I was sitting on a ticking time bomb!! 

At this point I was loosing the will to live, I was loosing my confidence and getting quite upset. 😭

Olivia drummed it into me that we were doing this and we are going to win this battle she was not going to be taught that she could get away with this behaviour. 😳 (I would of given up at this point if I was on my own – this is why training with Olivia is so important to me.)

We used the leg yields from the 3/4 line back to the track whilst asking her to go on and back in the trot. One to accept my leg and two she had to accept the contact and a half halt. 

We persevered with this for about 10 minutes and eventually she cracked! I was finally leading again! She went light in the contact, moved forwards and sideways off my leg, accepted half halts and worked the last 15 minutes very nicely. 

We didn’t manage any canter work today but we did persevere and crack the attitude problem and I finished with a smile on my face and a happy horse beneath me! 😀😀


My next lesson with Olivia isn’t until Sunday 20th August, so I will hire the arena and take Frankie on a few outings before then. 

There’s talk in the pipeline about me being able to move my two horses to the Equestrian Centre – which will be absolutely awesome as their facilities are amazing! Huge indoor arena, olympic sized outdoor, horse walker, American barn stables, hot water, wash box and solarium. Very lovely yard! They don’t ‘do’ livery but I help them out at all of their shows most weekends and whatever evenings I can get there, plus I am always there with my ponies or require their help for something! They’re like a second family! So the chance to move there will be amazing! 
Danny also has a visit from the farrier on 22nd August and he’s having a full set of shoes put on so he can start doing more work and lots more hacking for fitness purposes – he’s a little porky at the moment 🙊 we managed a 2 hour steady hack yesterday morning around the woods and some very beautiful countryside! 😍 

Overall, I am very pleased with both of them and how my own mindset is developing all the time. The future is finally looking promising for Frankie, Danny and myself.  ðŸ™Œ 

If you’ve read this far… thank you!! 


New Horse Alert!! 

 Monday 31st July 2017
Well I mentioned around a week ago that I was having a new horsey and today Danny (DHI Classical Dancer) arrived to live with me 😀😀🎉 

Danny, Frankie and little Bluebell (she is the 30+ year old little Shetland that’s Frankie’s best friend) are acting like they have been together all the time! Except for lots of squealing on arrival they all went straight down to graze together! 

Danny is having a saddle fitting on Wednesday and then we will be away with our riding and training ready to hopefully go out to compete soon! 😀😀 

I will spam you with a few photos of the gorgeous boy to finish! 

Dressage Camp Round Up

Sunday 30th July 2017

The round up from what has been an overly fantastic weekend in so many ways! We finished our first ever outing together, my first ever stay over with a horse, the first time I have properly really ridden my horse rather than just sitting there. So many firsts! 

Saturday’s Lesson

Frankie was quite tense and unsettled when we arrived into the indoor arena, so before getting on I spent 10 minutes walking her around in hand. They have several large banners around the arena, full length mirrors all along the end of the short side of the arena and mirrors on the long sides over ‘E’ and ‘B’. Frankie has never seen mirrors before and was very excited at the thought of another pony being there, on arrival to the mirrors to check herself out she kept neighing and tapping the glass with her nose – it was so cute! Anyway a few walks around the outside of the arena and she was relaxed and ready to get on. 

She’s a superstar to be mounted and stood at the side of the block waiting patiently. Frankie warmed up really well, she is obviously unbalanced and very green in her schooling so was either very behind the leg or rushing forward. We used lots of halt – walk – halt, trot – walk – trot transitions to help her find her balance and stop the rushing. We also worked on forward and back. So pushed the walk out for a few strides, half halted and brought it back for a few strides, kicked on and asked for a little more etc and also did the same in trot. We also worked on some trot- canter transitions and finding her balance in the canter but didn’t do much work in this area. We finished the lesson with some leg yield on a cicle, spiralling into a smaller circle trying to teach her to accept my leg for sideways as well as just forwards. Then switched and leg yielded her back out of the circle to the track. 

Frankie tried really hard and these exercises really worked well for her. She was a tired girly at the end of our lesson! 

Saturdays One to One Coaching

In the afternoon I had my one to one session, I found this so helpful! We spoke about my fears and frustrations, what’s held me back, how I can change my mindset, how I can develop a new ‘can do’ attitude, how to goal set effectively and get the best from my goals. 

This talk actually made me quite emotional, in fear of people thinking I’m a failure I have held back from being open about my fears and my confidence issues. In hindsight I’ve hidden them away and not faced up to them. I have let the fear of other people thinking I’m failing get the better of me and in doing so I have failed as I haven’t done anything about my issues. This weekend was the start of me acknowledging my issues, facing my fears and asking for help to be able to move forward. 

I was very open and honest in my coaching session and hearing myself speak out loud made me realise just how bad I had let myself become. I have become a shell of the person I used to be, I over think everything, I am always anxious, I have no self confidence or self belief and I always think the worst of all situations. I have been able to take away so much from this talk, I feel more happy and confident in myself, I have learnt how to look at myself in a new light. I have faced my fears and put myself totally outside of my comfort zone this weekend and absolutely smashed both out of the park! 🎉🎉 this weekend has meant so much to me because it was almost like make or break! I either give it my all and I smash this or I put in half effort, come out with half results and fall into the conclusion that giving up would be easier. I am pleased to say I pushed myself and we have made it! I can finally see a future!! 🙌

Sunday’s lesson
We came into the arena this morning and she was still very settled and relaxed so I hopped straight on today and went straight into our warm up. To warm up we used the exercises that she learnt yesterday, lots of transitions and on and back within the transitions and finished our warm up with some leg yield on a circle. It was like Frankie went away and practised these exercises in her sleep as she came in today and was faultless! Her body bent in the right places, she didn’t rush, she didn’t go behind the leg – she was just awesome and found it all very easy! 

So today we worked on starting actual leg yield from the 3/4 line back to the wall, we spent about 15-20 minutes doing this and we managed this exercise in walk, trot and canter on both reins! She didn’t always step under correctly and occasionally her shoulders led but for the first ever time she’s tried leg yield the fact she even accepted that the leg meant sideways was just amazing! Towards the end of the lesson she didn’t even feel like a horse that’s ‘reschooling education’ only started a few weeks ago, with the breakthrough being in yesterday’s lesson! She felt absolutely awesome! We finished this lesson with some more canter work and worked on her stretching down over her back and finding her balance. She was just awesome!! ❤️

Frankie has been utterly awesome in every sense all weekend. On arrival she settled straight into her stable just like it was her home, she made friends with all the other horses. She has adored all of the washing, brushing, rug changes, the hand grazing, the fact she gets breakfast, lunch and dinner. Just generally loved being faffed over and being treated like the princess that she is 😍 

She has exceeded all expectations I had of her, she has behaved impeccably and has been a pleasure to take away. It’s no secret that we have had a rollercoaster of a journey this past couple of years but I finally feel like we are on the right track. 

This weekend I have also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing people that have really helped to bring me out of my shell, I was quite apprehensive about going to camp all on my own but I needent of worried! They were lovely people! Below is a picture of myself, Coco (Frankie’s best buddy), her owner Deborah and the wonderful and incredibly talented Olivia Towers. 

By lunchtime the truck and trailer was all packed, our sad goodbyes were said and we were to be on our way… 

Frankie had other ideas.. She decided she quite liked being a Paunceford Pony and didn’t want to come out of the stable to go home… (tiredness might of played a little part as she’s worked her little socks off for me).

To round up, I am absolutely bursting with pride for her right now, she was just a complete dude! Absolutely adore her ❤️ 

First Day of Camp

So at 7am this morning I pulled into the driveway of Paunceford Court, the house where Frankie and I are staying this weekend for our riding camp. 

Our first time wasn’t until 10.15am so she had a few hours to settle into her stable, have some breakfast and meet her new stable mates for the night. Her little buddy is called Coco and is also here on camp for the weekend too all the way from Cheshire. 


I was progressively feeling more and more sick at the thought of my lesson, I was a complete bag of nerves. My amazing horse took it all in the stride and was having a snooze! At least one of us was chilled out whilst trying to tack up! 

We arrived into the indoor arena (in hand) and she become quiet tense, excitable and a bit like a fire breathing dragon! 😂 she met herself in the mirror for the first time, neighed and struck out at the wall at the ‘other’ horse starring back at her! We walked a few circles around the arena and she relaxed beautifully. I thought I would feel massively apprehensive about jumping on as she did start quite excited. However, how stupid was I to think that?! She was a complete dude!! 

Today we used a Harbridge training aid for the first time just to encourage the correct head carriage. As when you have a contact with Frankie she works really well, when you don’t have a contact Frankie feels she can do what she likes, she hollows, throws her head up and just runs! 

The Harbridge worked really well and she did everything and more than what was required of her! I am so so so pleased I can not put into words how proud I feel, for so many reasons right now! We had to take a mirror selfie as it would be rude not too 🙊

This weekend was such a MASSIVE deal for me but it is the best thing I could have done! The lesson was fab and the one to one coaching/ kick up the arse was just what I needed. I am looking forward to another lesson tomorrow morning and the future with this little horse 😍 

Will update again tomorrow as off out for our camp meal at the pub now! 😀 

The Day Before Camp

Friday 28th July 2017

Today is the day before camp, I have received my Camp times this week. I am on at 10.15am for my lesson and 3pm for my one to one psychology coaching on Saturday and again at 9.45am for another lesson on Sunday. So a very early morning for me tomorrow to arrive there before 8am to get Frankie settled in to her stable before our lesson. 

Due to the rain we have had all week I have struggled to exercise Frankie, so she hasn’t done anything since last Thursday when we had our last arena hire. This isn’t using the weather as an excuse, it’s because sadly I don’t have an arena at home and she is lunged in the field. As we are based on clay as soon as it rains it gets very muddy very quickly. 
Anyway, today I took her to our local Equestrian Centre again to hire the arena just to get her out and about before this weekend. Frankie wasn’t really in a helpful mood this morning, she had a can’t be bothered attitude and didn’t want to be told. She would happily walk on the contact and would happily take the contact down to stretch over her back, come to the trot and canter and she just stuck her head up and ran! Just greenness showing in the schooling issues and partly excitement for her today especially in the canter as she hasn’t done anything for a week. Albeit she was well behaved. Hopefully she will be a little more focused over the weekend. Also hope that I can learn some new and different exercises to help refocus and rebalance her so we are able to correct the greenness issues and move on. 

Here is a picture below of us today. 

I will check back in after the weekend xx